Prices and diary dates for all-inclusive cycle training & guided cycling tours

Summer & autumn active cycling holidays & vacations

Delicious secret recipes All-inclusive 1-week active guided cycling tours / holidays are earmarked for early June and late September.

All-inclusive 2-week cycling training camps for performance cyclists are planned for May and October.

Both packages include accommodation full board: breakfast buffet, picnic lunch (or on the road from the support minibus) and an excellent dinner every evening in the park or La Dépendence at Villa Souvenir.
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We do not schedule the exact dates for cycling training camps or for guided cycle tours, but only give a general outline. For full details and updates please download the PDF files or phone.

What is included?

- As an all-inclusive cycling package guest, you have free use of WiFi at Villa Souvenir.
- Mineral water, juices, beer, wine, tea and coffee are available to you whenever you wish.
- Transfers to and from the station at Dax or the airports of Biarritz, Bordeaux or Pau.
- Groups of guests at the Villa are limited to 14 persons, so you will never experience the mass tourism feeling often associated with the term "all-inclusive".

PDF downloads

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Guided cycling tours France - summary
Cycle training camps France - summary

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Location - how to find Léon

Léon is situated in the extreme South West of France, near the Spanish border, 60 km north of Biarritz and 5 km from the Ocean.

The closest railway station is at Dax, 30 km South East. Dax can be reached by the express TGV train from Paris in just over 4 hours.

The airports are located at:
Biarritz, 60 km. EasyJet, Ryan Air, Air France, KLM
Bordeaux, 140 km. EasyJet, flybe, bmi baby, Air France, British Airways
Pau, 130 km. Ryan Air and other low budget airlines
Bilbao, 210 km. EasyJet, TuiFly, Iberia and others
Toulouse, 250 km country road. EasyJet, bmi baby, several other airlines

Google maps states that Léon is 1,170 km (730 miles) by car from London.

It is not difficult to find the way by car, but our tip is to take the N 10 from Poitiers to Bordeaux via Angoulême instead of the highway.

Location of Cycle Training France
Villa Souvenir, 109 rue de Pitéou, 40550 Léon, Aquitaine, France. The Forest Centre is located nearby.

N : 43.878082
W : - 1.294692
0033 558 487971 (land line France - spring, summer, autumn, winter)
0033 607 833717 (mobile France)

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