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Guided cycling tours and cycle training camps - summary

A woody road south of the Adour Cycling along the countless flat, wooded roads might inspire even a beginner to ride for hours, that is until a clearing in the trees opens to a sun-speckled light green meadow, just begging the group to stop for a picnic.

This area offers however more demanding cycle routes, which skirt the dunes of the Atlantic ocean, passing through the splendour of the largest pine forest in Western Europe and climbing into the indescribable beauty of the Pyrenees foothills.
Flat roads through the forest

Famous passes known from the Tour de France, which will satisfy even the most demanding cyclists, are then within reach.

"The discovery of this varied and so rapidly changing scenery was when my personal dream became a reality." Peter Saborowsky, founder of Cycle Training France. "When I bought Villa Souvenir in 1997, I knew that my dream was starting to come true. Having discovered 'Les Landes' during the course of many holidays since 1980, there was no doubt in my mind that this wide territory in the extreme South West of France between ocean, forest and Pyrenees would become my paradise.

Now, so many years later and with the experience of tens of thousands of km of cycling tours in this area, I have discovered so much more than I had ever imagined."

"Although a dedicated sportsman all of my life, it was in South West France where I started cycling 'seriously' and since then I have increasingly discovered the beauty and special parts of my new home… indeed I became aware of the potential for fascinating bicycling tours. Initially our guests came for holidays, often sports holidays. Then several cyclists, like Thomas Lange, followed for an extended vacation. In recent years, groups have visited for cycle training camps, like the Dutch and German National rowing crews."

Cycle training camps

Train at your own level Your cycling club might be preparing you for competition or you might concentrate on other sports and just cycle in your 'spare' time. Many rowers have brought their bicycles here for intensive training in this fabulous countryside. Now is the opportunity to enjoy the scenery that world class athletes have done before you and without burning a hole in your pocket.

You will find more details about our cycle training camps here.

Also for cyclists over 30

Young and less young are welcome No longer 30 or perhaps a baby boomer? Our offering caters not only for younger cyclists. Perhaps you were a late starter with sports; for whatever reason, business commitments, a growing family... you are welcome. You will most likely now appreciate the fantastic surroundings and delicious food even more.

Naturally, it would be easier if the cyclists in your group are of a similar training standard. How embarrassing it would be for you reach the summit first, enjoying a spectacular panorama while waiting for the younger
cyclists down in the valley! Who cares if they claim to have been struggling with the GPS settings on their iPhones?

For something more relaxing, here are details and photos of our guided cycling tours.

Cycle holidays and cycling training camps will now be focussed during the ideal months of May / June and September / October. Cycling tours leave from Villa Souvenir and bikers' paradise starts literally at the front door. We can ride by bicycle directly into the High Pyrenees. Many tours will be in the pine forests; from the Villa we often cycle North East and then West to have a break on the dune in view of the ocean with its endless sandy beach. Such cycling circuits are from 25 to 140 km.

Pyrenees panorama

Or we can travel 25 km South East (by cycle or minibus) to reach the hilly region North of the Basque Country, already in sight of the Pyrenees. This is a gorgeous, lonely and sleepy area with easy climbs up to 150m above sea level – with tremendous views, beautiful properties and picturesque villages; no traffic. For tours in the Basque Country we would use the buses… about 30 mins.

Then we arrive in a magical, mountainous and very green landscape with eagles, vultures and many domestic and wild animals. Climbs up to 900m allow formidable, varied tours that you will never forget – like the 'Alto Jaizkibel', a pass 445m high with a breathtaking view down to the Bay of Biscay.

Two Olympic rowers
        cycling to Soulors We can cycle the whole way from Léon right into the High Pyrenees, but then we will have to stay overnight. There we would be served a 100% genuine Basque dinner by Mme. Burguburu in a charming guest house and return to Léon the next day. Or we can drive in the minibuses to the Pourtalet or the Tourmalet. Alternatively, we can make a round trip from Louvie Juzon via Soulor and Aubisque, 82 km and about 2,500m ascent in total. There is also Aspin, Peyresourde, Marie-Blanque, Somport, but there no way to do everything, even in one or two months.
Cycling up to Soulor

We will prepare a fixed plan for every day of your cycling holiday or training camp depending on the requirements and goals of the group who will be cycling. Naturally, this will be discussed and modified as desired or according to the weather. In the mountains – and if wanted, also during the long tours on the flat – a support bus will be available with material, food and drinks; and to help out if someone is in trouble. I will guide you personally cycling on my bike.

Delicious food Every evening a delicious dinner awaits you in La Dépendance. I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with everything that Séverine prepares - and also by the unique atmosphere at Villa Souvenir in Léon.

Cycling of course is the focus, but there are so many more things to do, to discover and enjoy. Spend an afternoon in one of the hammocks strung between the trees or in my canoe on the lake. Enjoy the beach and the waves of the Atlantic (we have body-boards and
surfboards). Tennis, golf, volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, horse riding, even paragliding or kite surfing are available.

Within one hour's drive are so many beautiful places like the dune of Pyla, Biarritz, the Basque Country, San Sebastian, St. Jean de Luz and La Rhune with its delightful old cog railway which climbs through the Pyrenees.

I will be glad to show you all this... or at least some of it!

But besides a wonderful cycling tour or training camp in France, Villa Souvenir stands for unforgettable memories and the truth is that it's more affordable that you might believe. Here are prices and dates for our all-inclusive cycle training camps and guided cycling tours.

Before you forget...

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