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French summer holidays start

From the Founder
Peter Saborowsky
12 July 2012


Dear cycling Friend,

In a few days France will close down for the summer.

The roads will fill with traffic of all kinds and Villa Souvenir will fill mostly with families and their children. It is a great time to see old faces who return every year and to catch up with the news. It can also be a strenuous time for the patron however, so I look forward to September.

September and October usually offer the best of both worlds; the crowds have left and the weather is ideal. That is when we are looking forward to welcome new groups of cycling enthusiasts at the Forest Centre. For more details, please click on the tab Forest Centre Holidays - new.

This is the perfect location with wonderful sporting facilities, swimming pools, playing fields and more, set in wonderful surroundings. Larger groups are well catered for with all-inclusive full-board packages.

Best wishes for a relaxing summer and time to recharge yourselves in time for an active autumn on your bicycle saddles in this very special part of France.

Peter sig

P.S. Reservations for autumn are being taken now.

Whitsun 2011 - cycling through the Pyrenees

From the Founder
Peter Saborowsky
17 June 2011


Dear cycling Friend,

Summer in Les Landes started months ago and the plant life was starting to get very thirsty. We were therefore grateful for several nights of rain in early June and especially because it fell at night as usual. With so many cyclists on the road, the long Whitsun weekend demonstrated that the cycling season has started with vigour. Fortunately for us, we have countless roads without traffic, so it’s fun to just wave to all the others on bikes.

Cycling from Navarrenx to Cauterets formed my latest cycling tour and due to the work and family situation, I had to ride alone. Whitsunday was cloudy and quite fresh. To shorten my cycle trip and cut out the parts which I know so well, I drove by car an hour from Léon, almost to the foot of the Pyrenees, about 50 km east of Biarritz. The first 45 km cycling to Louvie-
Juzon were easy going, where the road starts to climb into the Pyrenees mountains, which are in view the whole time. A short hard climb of 80 meters follows and then it’s 10 km downhill to Bruges. A steep climb follows the short remaining distance to reach Arthes d´Asson which is simply splendid and out of this world.

A gradual climb ensues to Ferrières where “the Soulor” begins. This will put another 89 km in my legs with its 790 m climb. Seen from the north, Soulor is magnificent, 12 km and 900 m climb. A tough ascent was balanced by the temperature - only ten degrees Celcius up there! The cold was no fun for the descent, but some newspapers stuffed in my shirt helped. My cycle tour continues easily to Cauterets and a “Cuban party” awaited me at Pierrefitte. It was a long night and I went to sleep at a friend’s place at 3.30 in the morning.

The return journey boasted summer weather and was much lighter on the legs; from Arrens just a 600 m climb over 7 km, before the road is easy again. When ever you get the chance, take your time up there as it’s just magical.

Still almost 90 km to complete and it starts to get hot. Now on the last 30 km before Navarrenx, I begin to regret missing my chance in Oloron to tank some more water and now I was getting a bit too dry to say the least. Nevertheless I spent a wonderful two days on my performance bicycle, covering 251 km and a 3,542 m climb. Tomorrow will be easy cycling on the flat roads surrounding Léon.

Come and visit Aquitaine – I would like to show you all of this fantastic cycling countryside.

Best wishes

Peter sig

P.S. An extended version of my Whitsun cycling tour is planned for September. Send me an email now to learn what discoveries await you cycling in France.

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