Cycling Scenery - France

Cycling Scenery in Aquitaine — Pyrenees

Café in Lé Léon with its 2,000 residents is certainly the most attractive village in the whole area and our 'Quartier Pitéou' doubtless the best part of it: absolutely calm and almost countrified, but close to the centre up on the hill, with the church, restaurants and several shops. From Villa Souvenir to the supermarket is just 250m.
Léon - the prettiest village of Les Landes

Four Landscapes

Breathtaking cycling scenery A priceless advantage is the geographic situation: in sight of the Pyrenees and within earshot of the Atlantic waves you will find several different and extremely beautiful scenes, hundreds of km of sandy beach, the rocky coast around Biarritz, the biggest forest in Western Europe, the Basque Country and the mountains of the High Pyrenees.

This means for the ambitious cyclist a paradisal selection of tours and training alternatives:

1. Several thousand km of small, quiet, good-surfaced roads and flat right through the forest
2. Likewise in the hilly area to the south & in sight of the Pyrenees
3. The incomparable Basque Country with challenging tours and climbs
4. The High Pyrenees with all the world famous passes known from the Tour de France.

Our Concept

All of these great landscapes are just 'around the corner'. There is no need to move from hotel to hotel and live out of a suitcase, when you can return every evening to the comfort of your room at Villa Souvenir.

Let the rest of your group cycle alone! A big advantage of our format is that you can always take a day off if you wish to finish reading d'Artagnan, while you improve your tan, relaxing in our private park... or you might have other reasons to switch off for a day.

Léon Lake

mid December on our lake One treasure is our lake, situated between the village and the ocean. Almost circular and 2 km across, it is not spectacular at first sight, but this changes when you make a tour in my canoe. Then you can experience dreamlike scenery like on this picture that was taken on a mid-December evening; 18 degrees Celsius and the photographer was wearing just a T-shirt.


Léon is situated in the extreme South West of France, 60 km north of Biarritz and 5 km from the Ocean. The closest railway station is at Dax, 30 km South East. The airports are located at:

Biarritz, 60 km. Ryan Air, Air France, KLM
Bordeaux, 140 km. Several airlines
Pau, 130 km. Ryan Air and other low budget airlines
Bilbao, 210 km. TuiFly and others
Toulouse, 250 km country road. Several airlines.
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