Cycling weather in France

French climate offers a longer cycling season

Downhill is always fun! Summer in Les Landes, the most southerly part of Aquitaine, is very long and can even make an appearance in November or February. (For instance on 10 February 2011 it was 20 degrees C)! From an English climate standpoint, unbelievably sunny and warm is the rule, with very little wind. However, the weather is not quite as stable as on the Mediterranean and there is never a guarantee for sun.
Long bad weather periods from the beginning of May to the end of October are very seldom though.

Cycling in May / June

Remarkably and being so close to the ocean also surprisingly, is the enormous difference in temperature between day and night. This can be extremely agreeable in high summer, but in May, September and October it can be quite chilly at night and early morning. Our cycling training camps and guided cycling tours are planned for May / June and September / October. From my own experience since 1996, I would describe these months as follows.

The sun in May is very intensive and hot days are not seldom. The climate is more stable than in April but surprise cold days can occur or the odd rain shower can cool the temperature unpleasantly. From an English standpoint the month of May is undoubtedly high summer.

Refreshingly crisp air during breakfast By June the summer has truly arrived; nights are mild and rarely uncomfortably warm. It rarely gets extremely hot, except occasionally at noon. That means for cyclists arising early is advisable, which can be an absolute delight because the crisp early mornings are just short of magical.

Naturally, rain is possible, but there are rarely periods of bad weather.
Crisp morning air

Atlantic surfing September September is a stable month, for many the most pleasant of the year. The surprisingly cool nights present gigantic skies full of thousands of glittering stars. The days are sunny and warm with temperatures between 22 and 32 degrees C in the shade. This is also a surfing month and the Atlantic ocean boasts 20 - 23 degrees C.

For cycling, September in Les Landes is like a dream come true.
Surfing in September

Cycling the Pyrenees in November October weather doesn't change too much, although on the whole it gets cooler and regularly offers a summer-like final week which can reach 30 degrees. Cyclists should bring warmer clothing however, especially when we ride through the French Pyrenees and foothills.

Preparation for both summer and autumn weather is advisable when cycling during October.
Cycling the Pyrenees in November
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