Guided Cycling Tours France

Guided cycling tours through the most varied region of France

Peyrehorade on the Adour I started to learn about the Aquitaine region of South West of France 30 years ago during our first holiday. From the outset we enjoyed the wonderful countryside and cycling tours in the forest by the ocean and extending to the Pyrenees.

It still gives me great pleasure to explore the region by bike, dream up the most beautiful tours and - while looking for spectacular places - climb to the peak of a hill and suddenly encounter a tremendous new vista.
Dreamy villages

I would be delighted to share with you my discoveries as guide on your own personal cycling tour of France.

endless flat roads in the forests Starting at the front door are endless roads passing through the wide and lonely forest, there is almost no traffic. I will guide you through magnificent scenery predestined for cycling tours. The landscape becomes even grander and more varied closer to the mountains.

We can always take a break on the dune and enjoy the view over the Biscay with its gigantic, lonely sandy beach, which outside the French holiday season of July & August is deserted; just a wild, free natural paradise.
Quiet forest roads
cycling tour south of the Adour Some km further South East we reach the foothills of the Pyrenees, an expansive area with climbs up to about 150m and amazing views of the mountain peaks.

On our cycling tours I will guide you along small car-free roads through rural land with isolated old properties and beautiful sleepy villages. Our cycling tour goes up and down; the scenery is in permanent change as are the perspectives and views.
Wonderful landscapes

When we have crossed the river Adour on our way South, the hilly area becomes more mountainous, up to around 300m altitude – and with the Pyrenees directly ahead – the first eagles and vultures can be seen. The Basque Country begins here and the further South we cycle the more you will be enamoured by this very special and beautiful land.

Magnificent Pyrenees Directly behind St. Jean Pied de Port (100 km South of Léon) we enter the High Pyrenees and the road climbs to 1,300m and more, tiny roads and an unbelievable landscape! On these cycling tours we leave the normal world behind and arrive in a completely different world. You will love it.

All this and much more starts at the front door of Villa Souvenir. It will be my utmost pleasure to personally guide you by bicycle through this wonderful country- side of Les Landes, France.
The magnificent Pyrenees

You will remember from school time French, that "souvenirs" stands for memories and at Villa Souvenir they are unforgettable. Do find time to check the prices and dates for these most affordable all-inclusive guided cycling tours, download a brochure and join our mailing list.

YES, I want to hear more from time to time about where world champion athletes and others cycle in France.
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