Villa Souvenir in Léon France

Villa Souvenir - a jewel in a wooded park

Villa Souvenir hidden by the trees While other cycling training camps and cycle holidays often stress only 'life on the road', Villa Souvenir offers a respite of peace after training in quiet, wooded surroundings. Following one of the excellent dinners and a glass of wine, you might decide to forget your bicycle and enjoy the next day in a hammock. You can choose.

Built around 1930, Villa Souvenir is different and also larger than most houses in the area. The first floor has four double rooms, one of them with an additional
small room and a bunk bed. The 70 square meter loft has been converted and is comfortable for two or four persons – or even more and has a wash basin and two huge double beds. Further mattresses are available if needed. The bathroom with a full bath and shower is just eight steps downstairs.

La Dépendance – the annex

Dine in a cosy building open to the park The historic annex – originally just several small rooms for storing material and a huge covered terrace facing the park – was completely rebuilt in 2010 and now boasts a large saloon including a professional kitchen; merging with the extended covered terrace. This is the 'heart' of the property, the centre of the social life and is equipped with a bar. Meals are served here, if not outside in the park. In winter the whole building can be closed and heated.

The Kitchen

magnificent dinners The kitchen is Séverine's 'empire'. Our house chef started her culinary career at fourteen and now has sixteen years of experience. She was responsible for several restaurants, but her goal is exactly what she does here, namely to create a new menu daily for a manageable group and prepare it perfectly in the highest quality using the best ecological ingredients. You will share her broad smile when she notices that everybody is once again perfectly satisfied. Séverine, who will be with you every evening, likes the inspiration of new ideas or special wishes and speaks English.

Le Chalet

Seclusion within a private chalet in the park A wooden chalet has now been built in the rear part of the property This self contained building has an area of just over 40 square metres and two double rooms and a living room set between them. There is a complete kitchen and bathroom and a large terrace facing the park.

Le chalet offers an ideal solution for a family or a group of friends wanting seclusion within the park.

The Park

A huge wooded park The park of 5,665 square meters offers shade from around 70 mostly very old trees; acacias, yew trees, giant oaks and cork oaks. The exception, 'the chief', is a lonely pine; the biggest in the whole area with 4.65 m amplitude. However, the star of all is our gigantic Californian Sequoia. Three hammocks just invite for a siesta, but there are also several sun beds, chairs and deck chairs.

An impromptu volleyball and badminton court is created when desired. The neighbours are far away, behind the property is a vast jungle-like deep thicket
and there are almost no cars on the small 'rue de Pitéou' passing the Villa.

Here you can stay at a green oasis and in absolutely tranquil surroundings.
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